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Dr. B. Gerard Fite

Founder/Senior Pastor


Brian G.Fite is a native of Utica, New York. He accepted his calling to serve in the Kingdom of God in his early twenties. He preached his first sermon in October of 1987 and has maintained a zeal for God ever since. After receiving his Undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Howard University in Washington D.C., Dr. Fite received a Master of Divinity degree from Hood Theological Seminary at Livingstone College in May of 1999 and his Doctor of Ministry from Gardner Webb University School of Divinity in May of 2014.

In 2001, he founded Blessed Harvest Institute: A place of Restoration. He was consecrated as an Apostle in 2009. His love for God is evident in the dedication, humility and integrity in which he handles God’s people.  He takes affront whenever the Word of God, the Truth, is misrepresented. Dr. Fite is an anointed, gifted and knowledgeable teacher who is on a mission to make disciples of all those who believe the Word of God. He prods the believer to not only discover their calling, but to ensure they are utilizing it to equip God’s people to do His work and build up the church; the body of Christ. He speaks the Truth in love, corrects in love, guides to maturity in love; always bringing the believer back to the Word. He is always eager to make the investment in a believer; so that he or she can find their rightful place in the body of Christ.

In Ephesians 6:15, the feet are covered with the preparation of the gospel. Because of this, Dr. Fite founded Harvest Bible Institute (HBI) in 2004: With an understanding that God wants prepared disciples to go into the Harvest and reap souls for the Kingdom. He leads the way by example: Laboring tirelessly, with a ‘sleep is optional’ mentality, ensuring that God’s work is done in Excellence Without Compromise. Dr. Fite truly represents the heart of God in everything that he does.

His investment in and preparation of the Word is evident in the magnetic way that he delivers it; whether teaching, preaching or simply in conversation. He stays in sync with God so that he knows what God wants for His people. Dr. Fite loves the Word. He takes joy in exegeting it so that all the nooks and jewels can be given to the people as he seeks to reach, not just ‘a’ church, but ‘the’ church. He delivers it in such a way that there is no confusion as to what God expects from the believer; in turn, causing conviction and change.  His desire is to see the church of God operate as one body and not be hindered by denominational doctrine.

Dr. Fite has authored 2 books.  His first book, published in 2001, titled Ministry vs. Membership,  is a book that gives an empowering look into Christian Discipleship challenging the Christian church to re-evaluate its stance, its mission, its purpose. His most recent book, released in September 2015, titled  Cheerfully; is a comprehensive look at giving as an element of worship engaging believers in an in-depth biblical journey to shift the giving paradigm in the Christian Church and liberate the offering experience.  Dr. Fite is currently working on a New Testament Expository Commentary.

He has been married to the lovely Pastor Barbara Fite for over 27 years. Together they have two beautiful children, who also serve in ministry: Jerret (Andrea) and Jeanay (Torey), and four grand children, Jeremiah, Hezekiah, Elijah and Aaron.

What is an Apostle?

Matthew 10:1-2 “Then Jesus summoned his twelve disciples and gave them authority over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to cure every disease and every sickness. These are the names of the twelve apostles…”

The term Apostle is simply one that has been sent. The application of this term is the transition from being a student to one that is ready to serve. The Apostles became the leaders of the Church. They prepared the community of disciples for the work of ministry and provided for their daily needs by managing the resources of the community. This does not mean that they had possession of the resources, but they had oversight of the activities.

There is an overwhelming amount of published church information that states there should not be apostles in the church after those who saw the baptism and resurrection of Jesus. Most churches have elected bishops instead appointing apostles. Most churches have sought to maintain this approach by stating that Paul was made an apostle by God and saw Jesus during His earthly ministry and on the road to Damascus. A literal interpretation of Acts 2:22 would disqualify Paul from being an apostle because Peter states that the person had to be “with them from the baptism through the resurrection”. Paul may have known of Jesus but he did not believe at the time. Paul’s qualification for apostleship was from God.

Apostleship is to assist in the growth of ministry and people. Apostleship is to make an investment in Senior Pastors, Ministers, and Church Leaders (at every level) for spiritual increase and church strength. This may be different than other models that you are aware of but this is what we believe God has for our ministry vision and purpose. Apostleship is to invest in you not the other way around.

Liberty with Accountability

At each level of ministry there must be direction and purpose. The vision of BHI is to provide liberty to the captive by releasing strongholds that traditions have created. Once liberated the believer is free to be trained to serve the kingdom of God. This will happen in 3 ways:

1) For established ministries:  
The freedom of praise and worship in conjunction with our management standards offers integrity and accountability in every facet. The ministers of BHI are called to give themselves to insure that the Church is impacting the world for Christ. The Senior Pastor sets the tone and direction for this work. Apostleship will aid Senior Pastors with the weight of their calling and responsibility. The Church needs a spirit lead balance between worship freedom and management accountability. The BHI model offers this balance through Apostleship.

2) Expansion of the Church:
Apostleship will allow us to impact communities around the world. This can only be accomplished by utilizing the ministers that God has called to serve. God is inviting us to share in reaching people in new communities. The Apostle will coordinate and oversee the use of ministers for the expansion efforts. Godly leadership is lacking in the Church. There are many anointed men and women of God that are having great impact in the world, however for many it is hard to benefit from the anointing because of the focus on money. BHI has been called to liberate the Church so that the work of ministry becomes the objective over and above the works of men and women.

3) Social Issues:
Other ministry endeavors allow us to fulfill interest and passions that are beyond what we do within the church. These endeavors allow us access to people in community. We must maximize every opportunity to inform the world about God. The Church must become the focal point of the community. The model of evangelism in the Gospels and Acts has people being drawn to experience the power of God. As the power of God is manifested in the Church people in need of a change will be drawn by the witness of those that have experienced God’s power. Believers must be involved in the community manifesting the power of God over the circumstances that are impacting people.

Church Leaders have the opportunity to get information and assistance to accomplish goals that may be beyond an individual church. Apostleship provides leverage of resources, information, and ideas of the collective Church, allowing each church the opportunity to expand by sharing the load where possible. We will also develop training opportunities to enhance the abilities of Church Leaders by providing training and seeking for the best available training opportunities to invest in Church leadership.

BHI Appoints an Apostle

Jesus gave the disciples authority over diseases and spirits for the work of ministry. God responds to obedience, and we believe that as we respond to God’s calling for an Apostle, and recognize this calling on this person of God, the power of God will be manifested and revealed in the works of ministry that God will do.

As a ministry we have, at times, trusted our mind over the Spirit. Consecrating an Apostle is a faith step that is solely based on our faith in the voice of God. We did not arrive at this decision over night. There have been years of prayer and dialog, confirmations and agreement in the Spirit that have lead us to this shift. Apostleship is a calling for spiritual leadership. The gifts, signs and wonders are the evidence of God’s calling and purpose. The Church (universal) will be blessed to see God respond to our obedience in awesome ways.

As the Apostles left the Upper Room the power of the Holy Spirit was evident in the miracles that were performed. We will seek to believe that the outpouring that God is going to share with us begins with our obedience to obey God’s calling for an Apostle for this age.

On April 12, 2008 the Board of Directors appointed the first apostle, Pastor Brian Fite, for BHI. This action was taken to recognize and utilize the gifts of an apostle. Please note that, in the area of compensation, the Bylaws state that an apostle must remain a Senior Pastor. There is no compensation for assuming this responsibility; not even reimbursement for travel expenses. The intension is to establish a level of spiritual leadership that will encompass Senior Pastors to insure that they are nurtured and encouraged. Those that are called to be Apostles must have the community of believers as their primary focus. This calling is not about what can be gained; it must be about what can be invested in the believers.

Message from Dr. Brian Fite

As an Apostle I commit to invest in you to see you grow in God; as you grow the Church will definitely grow. Communities are made up of people, if the people cannot see how they are part of the greater community of God how can they be motivated to invest and sacrifice for the execution of ministry? The Church must come together and seek God for energy and passion to take liberty to those captive in the world and in the Church. This is my objective and calling as an Apostle. By overseeing our community I can aid in making you stronger for Christ and thus make BHI stronger.

Click here to download the complete Apostleship document

If you are interested in getting information about how BHI can assist your church in experiencing liberty with accountability please email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . It is my calling to lead the Church back to God so that the lost can be restored to God’s kingdom. We must work together to strengthen the Body of Christ.

Ministry vs. Membership


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This book is a wonderful tool that creates an opportunity for a real dialog in the church.

"It is my prayer that your mind is renewed to seek the truth."

Brian G. Fite

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