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Pastor Barbara Fite, the First Lady of Blessed Harvest Institute, is a woman of God with a passion to see individuals grow and mature in their relationship with God.  On June 20th, 1964, she was born to Bertis Foster & Louis C. Wadley.  She is the seventh out of eight children and a native of Utica, New York. Her unique style and selfless disposition shatters your typical first lady mold creating a style all her own.  With hats off she has redefined the expression of “Diva”, revamping the look and feel of first ladies everywhere.

She has been saved for over 20 years, during which she has grown in wisdom, knowledge and understanding of God, His word and His expectations.  Pastor Barbara has purposed to serve the Lord irrevocably through her active involvement in ministry and service to people.   Her gifting, in the area of shepherding, positions her to touch the lives of many as she fulfills the call of God on her life. Without hesitation she is always willing to go to battle for the release and restoration of those held captive in bondage by life and bad choices.  Her love for God is exemplified in her love for people as she makes the necessary investment to help others even if it requires her to perform an occasional “drive by”, leaving the four walls of the church building and going to the houses of those missing in action to offer prayer, encouragement and direction back to God.

Pastor Barbara is an anointed teacher of the Word.  Under her leadership as Dean, the Harvest Bible Institute’s curriculum has been designed to develop disciples, train ministers and create an environment where investment in learning is priority and growth is the reward. Her diligent study coupled with her direct communication ensures that all are prepared in the Word and in the work of ministry.  She is patient and always willing to answer questions thus illustrating her belief that the best method of educating is allowing the student to ask about the things they do not comprehend and receive understanding through independent study and corporate discussion.  

She is a fine example of a virtuous woman as describe in Psalms 31.  Her commitment and energy in ministry has become her trademark fortifying her service to God in excellence.  As she worships God in spirit and in truth her ministry focuses on love; building healthy relationships; fostering strong families and developing effective leadership.  

Pastor Barbara has been the lovely wife to her longtime friend and companion, Apostle Brian G. Fite for over 27 years. She serves diligently under the leadership of her husband and Pastor declaring the whole counsel of God, upholding the truth and proclaiming the word of God. Together they have two beautiful children, who also serve in ministry: Jerret (Andrea) and Jeanay (Torey), and four grandchildren, Jeremiah, Hezekiah, Elijah and Aaron.

You Are Invited!

All women are invited to come and share with Pastor Barbara and the women of Blessed Harvest every Saturday Morning at 10:00am as we make the investment to grow together. This women’s bible study was designed to offer women an opportunity to cultivate an environment that addresses the needs of women everywhere. This is the time for us to identify our challenges and enhance our strengths through study, fellowship and fun.

This quarter we are taking a journey to become a woman of excellence. The book we are using to navigate us on this journey is “Becoming a Woman of Strength”.

Come let’s grow together.

Woman of strength

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