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Why BHI?

DSC 0615-why bhiBlessed Harvest Institute (BHI) has been established by God to redirect the focus of the people of God. God created humankind with three functions in mind:

  1. Praise
  2. Obedience 
  3. Service

Obey, and Serve God. Our objective is to educate seekers and believers to God's plan for creation. Jesus taught His disciples that there is a blessed harvest of souls to be reaped. It is the responsibility of the disciple to pray that the Lord of the harvest send workers. As the laborers come they must be prepared in the Word so that they can proclaim and demonstrate the love of God to the world.

Many believers have been conditioned to believe that God exist to meet our requests. This is an incorrect focus. We have been created to Praise. Blessed Harvest Institute is a Place of Restoration for those that desire to enter the Love Relationship that God intended from the beginning. This relationship is restored through salvation and continual repentance for sins. In order to strengthen this wonderful relationship with God the believer must learn about God in order to maintain Covenant relationship through obedient service to God. Works will not save you. A believer works for God out of love for the sacrifice that God has freely given through The Son, Jesus the Christ.

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