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Ministry Development Center (MDC)

mdc headerWelcome to the Ministry Development Center. It is our vision to transform disciples into ministers. The term minister means servant. A minister is a prepared servant of the Lord Jesus Christ who is willing and committed to execute their ministry gift(s) for the Kingdom. All believers are meant to be servants (minister) for the Lord. So let’s begin.

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In response to this question that many new, returning, or reaffirming Christians have I want to address and encourage you not as someone who has attained but as one who is pressing toward a predetermined mark which is an upward calling (Philippians 3:12-14), not upward in things or position, but in spiritual matters... Read More

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Every believer has a Gift, Service and Activity that has been determined by the Holy Spirit. We do not get to choose, it is a choice made by the Holy Spirit. First Corinthian 12:11 says “All these are activated by one and the same Spirit, who allots to each one individually just as the Spirit chooses”. It is our responsibility to respond to the choices that are being made by the Spirit of God.

Spiritual Gifts and Definitions……. Read more

Click below and complete the gifts assessment to help you identify your gift(s)

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It is here that I want to offer more words of encouragement and explanation. God is a God of process and in our rush to get there (wherever there is) we often miss the experiences that occur along the journey as a result of our need to quickly get to an abstract place and to get it (it being our service of God) right. John 1:12, Philippians 1:6, and Romans 2:4 supports that we are in the process of becoming, we have the right to become through belief, we are being lead, and a work is being done in us. I encourage you in this manner because the change may not be instantaneous nevertheless the change is still necessary... Read more

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You have been handpicked by God from birth and your acceptance of God’s gift of salvation illuminated His choice of you. You have been equipped with gifts given through the Holy Spirit empowering you for the work of ministry; impregnating you with purpose. This purpose will motivate you; develop your potential and position you  to pursue God. Click on the arrow below it will show you the way…...

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We believe that everyone has a place in the Kingdom of God and the work of ministry. The MDC is the bridge into BHI and ministry work. We assist people in identifying where they fit in the big picture of God’s kingdom work. We aid new disciples as they become acclimated and involved in the work of ministry through BHI.

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