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Young Adult Ministry

Young adults are the foundation for the next generation. At BHI, we strive to instill life skills that will encourage them to stand for God in spite of their age. We show our young adults that being a Christian not only pleases God, but it can also be fun. We understand that our young people are facing challenges at every turn; drugs, sex, bullying, low self esteem, identity crises etc. We give them an environment where they are loved and encouraged as they seek to find their Identity in Christ.


Called to Church Leadership

called to leadershipPhillipsat on the edge of the front of the pew, intently listening to Rev. Cofield's sermon. He'd made extensive notes, and his mind was racing. "The Lord has done everything for you. Now, what will you do for the Lord?" the Reverend asked the congregation. "He's calling you to serve Him...will you answer that call?"

That was a question Phillip had thought about a lot lately. At church camp that summer, he'd spent a good deal of time praying with his counselor, and felt God was calling him to become a pastor. Now, he was considering colleges, trying to figure out which schools might best prepare him for seminary.

As Phillip headed out of the church, Rev. Cofield stopped him and extended his hand. "Phillip, I saw you taking a lot of notes again. What did you think of my sermon today?"

"It made me think a lot as always," Phillip replied, shaking the Reverend's hand. "I'd like to hear more about being called to serve. I believe God is calling me into full-time ministry, and I'd really like to ask you some questions about it."

The Reverend smiled warmly. "I have an even better idea, Phillip. Our denomination offers a license for Local Ministerial Candidates. It's one way our church recognizes people who feel God is calling them to be church leaders. You'd need to do some reading, write some essays, and spend a good deal of time with me in order to receive the license. Stop by on Tuesday and I'll give you more information about it.


Qualified by God

qualified by godMelanie was frustrated once again as she tried, unsuccessfully, to focus on the pastor's sermon. She could hear the kids running around outside, laughing and shouting. It had been this way for two months, ever since Ms. Greene, the church's long-time Children's Church coordinator, had moved away. No one had volunteered to take over the responsibility, and it seemed there were always some kids running around unsupervised on Sunday morning.

Melanie had thought about volunteering to oversee Children's Church. She'd served as Ms. Greene's student helper for the last two years, and even taught the children's lesson by herself a few times when Ms. Greene was sick. In fact, Ms. Greene had told her, "Melanie, you'd be a great replacement for me after I move." But being responsible for the entire thing? That seemed too much for one 17-year-old to handle.

After church, Melanie confided in her friend Desiree, "Des, I really feel like I'm supposed to get the Children's Church started up again. But I don't think I'm ready to do this alone." Desiree smiled at her friend. "Mel, weren't you listening to Pastor Don's sermon today? He talked about how Moses felt unable to lead the Israelites. God told Moses, 'I will be with you'... and God will help you, too, Mel." Melanie sighed. "Des, I know you're right. But I just feel very...unqualified." Desiree hugged her friend. "I'll help you with Children's Church. And God will help us. We might be young, but it's like Pastor Don says: 'God doesn't call the qualified. He qualifies the called.'"


Tips on Budget

By Mandi Rogier, eHow Contributor

A well planned budget is an important tool for balancing income and expenses. For students, this budget will include several expenses and potential sources of income that are unique to the college experience. By taking the time to put together a budget before the school year begins, you can prevent mishaps later on such as overdrawn bank accounts and unnecessary credit card use.

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How to Prepare a Budget for a College Student

By eHow Contributor

For a college student struggling to make ends meet, a budget is essential. Budgeting can be complicated, but it doesn't need to be. With a little work, you can develop a financial plan that you can stick to.

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How to carry Yourself like a Lady

By Katya Gordeeva, eHow Contributor 

carry-like-ladyMany girls have been told by their mothers to "act like a lady." While this advice may have been annoying when you were younger, it is actually useful. Carrying yourself like a lady will make others respect you and treat you seriously. Acting like a lady involves having manners that may not come naturally. With a few etiquette classes and practice, you can learn ladylike behavior in no time.

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Men…Teach young men in your life How to be a “MAN”

man-upMan up

I love the expression "man up." What it says to me is, "man, take responsibility for your actions." Most men learn that lesson from other men, but not always from their fathers. However, we would hope that's where it would come from, but in reality, a lot of the times it doesn't. So it falls to whomever is in the life of a young man, to fill the bill. Men learn best how to be a man, from a man. Unfortunately, at times it comes from the wrong source. Namely, the gang family. Let me state for the record, I'm not speaking from a clinical standpoint, there are tens of thousands of books and research on the Internet, that…

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